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i haven't updated in about 50 years.
my spring break has been pretty shitty, actually like really shitty.
i've been seeing a lot more of my grandma though, well i always saw her a lot...but now i'm seeing her like a few times a week, so that's nice. i love her so much she's so cute.
i went to my aunt debbie's today with my grandma and mom and we went to big boy. and then my mom went to the doctor...it wasn't too fun, but it was better than sitting home.
i dont remember what i did on friday saturday or sunday. but on monday i went to brianna's house and it was nice. later in the day we went to speedway and went to go get autumn. we went back to brianna's house.  i stayed at brianna's basically all of tuesday. my mom called me and told at night that on wednesday we were going to ohio with my grandma to visit my aunt jean...who is my grandmas sister. they are so much alike. i love ohio, it's so pretty and there is a lot of green, pretty open fields and hills. i need to get an easel and drive down there into the country and just paint. even though i know i will suck at painting.
my aunt jean has sooo many beanie babies, it's cute. they are all around her living room, her house is really cute and homey. but it smells like cat pee which is weird because i would have never thought that she would let that kind of stuff happen around her house. it's a pretty rancid smell.
but other than that it was nice going down there.
it sucked on the way home i was poooooped. and i fell asleep and then i wake up to blaring music ...."WAITIN', WAITIN' ON THE WORLD TO CHANGE" and i got reallllllly pissed off because i hate that song and i was sleeping and my mom decided to blare it, even though she rarely even likes to listen to music that is loud. so i thought that was nice of her. i hate getting woken up from naps the wrong way, it sucks so much. and then when the song was still playing i tried to turn on my ipod...and of course it was dead, so that made things even better. then after i figured out that my ipod died i asked my mom if she could turn down the music and then she got all mad and turned it down like 2 notches and i couldnt go back to sleep.
after getting home pretty late i went to dawn's house. a bunch of people were there. i hate being so awkward, everyone things im a bitch, but that's not what it is. i am just tooooo shy for my own good. but i felt like i couldnt be myself when i was starting to get comfortable because i thought i couldnt act different because i was always quiet around those people. so i kind of screwed myself over.
after that i went to renee's dad's house, we talked a lot and walked to k-mart. i had to elave in the morning to go to my aunt debbie's todaydydy like i said awhile ago.
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i'm upset at myself for not going to school today.
i need to make up my spanish quiz.
but i must admit, another day off was nice.

this weekend was pretty nice.
i can't really remember too specifically what i did each day.
they all jumble together.
i think on friday i went to sam's house and then left at night.
on saturday morning my grandpa had a heart attack, it was super scary.
but he's getting a little better.
i went to hospital to visit him saturday morning. my dad dropped me off at dawn's house with brianna and sam.
i played guitar hero a little bit and then i left to go grocery shoppin' with my dad.
on sunday i can't quite remember what i did.
on monday i went to brianna's and layed around and then dawn came to pick up sam, brianna and me and we went to taco bell.
and then we went back to dawn's house to watch fisher and we watched super troopers.
i don't know if we went to dawn's twice now.
i'm confused. this really sucks how i can't remember what i did this weekend.
on monday night i spent the night at sam's.
and then the next day meghan, sam, brianna, kylie and me went to krogers and bought a big tub of ice cream and oreos with a bunch of pennies, about 5 dollars worth.
let me tell you, it took some time. the coin accepter got jammed so the u-scan lady had to punch the machine.
then we went to my house and pigged out.
and then i had a headache this morning and i didnt want to go to school, my mom let me stay home.
and now i'm looking forward to going to school tomorrow, but i'm dreading the fact that i'll have double the homework and have to take the spanish quiz after school or something.
oh welllllllllll.

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i rarely ever say nigger, but it seems whenever i run into a black person i have to stop myself from saying "wussup nigga?"
i should just try and stop saying that word.
but i probably won't because i really like that word, even though it's bad.

i've only been listening to oldies and rap lately.
i luh it.

i'm starting to like my classes. at first i hated them
in lit i talk to people that i'm surprised i've become friends with.
i like my second hour too..it be science. i think that i'll get a better grade in there this time. i'm determined.
spanish is alright. i don't sit by the people i like though.
but i just tell myself to fuck it and talk to them.
and mathh.....isn't cute. i despise it.
and same with foods, horrrrible. no one in that class besides muh niQer JaSmiiN3 EdWarDZ~*~*
and sixth hour i think i'll like if i dont even have anyone in it. because its history and thats muh fAVorite subject.
but i'm happy because i have brittany and malisa in thurr.
those 2 girlz b QT's!
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